5 Almost Vegan Recipes From Jamie Oliver

His recipes are some of the best out there for getting started. And now Jamie Oliver has started to add some good vegan dishes to his website to get you started on the path.

On top of that there are already plenty of other vegetarian recipes on his website that can easily be adapted to make sure they are completely plant-based.

Below are 5 of my favourite recipes from his website, with some minor substitutes.

Summer chickpea salad

A really fresh and filling salad that actually works for all seasons. The secret is the crushed chickpeas to give the salad a creamy texture. Don’t be afraid to use some extra virgin olive oil in the dressing with the lemon. Just don’t cook it with the chickpeas.

Just swap out the feta with some roasted capsicum to make this vegetarian vegan. And make sure you get the herbs fresh. It’s more important in a salad than some other dishes.

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Potato & cauliflower curry

Lovely mild curry with a recipe that guides you through making the curry paste and sauce. After all you never know what is going to be in the premade sauces – except for a lot of salt.

Save time and avoid the butter by cutting out the parathas. Instead cook up some brown basmati rice from the packet instructions. You usually need to start cooking brown rice much earlier than you think.

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Classic tomato spaghetti

Incredibly simple but always delicious. This is a nice fresh pasta dish when you just want pasta and tomato. It will help you avoid the pitfalls of a premade pasta sauce.

It’s the freshness that makes this dish, not the parmesan. Just leave off the parmesan to make this vegan.

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Special vegan kofte

The only officially vegan dish that makes the list, this is a bit more complex than the others. But it’s worth the wait.

You can leave out the mint yoghurt dip if you’re not keen on plant-based yoghurts. I find the peanut dip is more tasty anyway. Just get the peanut butter with no additives from the supermarket. It will look oily on top but that’s natural.

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Sweet potato & white bean chilli

Light and no where near as rich as a regular chilli. This type of dish is always packed with beans to get plenty of fibre into your system.

The sweet potato gives this a nice contrast. As with the curry just swap out the white rice for brown rice to make this a more whole-food based meal.

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