5 Food Swaps For Your Next Supermarket Shop

Making good choices all the time is hard. Perhaps impossible. But one important time to make good choices is at the supermarket.

Swapping what you buy in the supermarket is a really easy way to make a positive choice. By choosing well in the supermarket, you take away the need to make harder choices at home.

Instead of reaching for something you would normally buy, look for something a bit healthier. You might not even notice the difference, and the health benefits will quickly add up.

Here are five items that are almost interchangeable and which will make a big difference to the nutrition of your shop.

Milk for Plant Milk

This is going to be one of the hardest swaps. Switching to plant milks is not easy as the flavour can be quite different to cow milk. But long term this a switch worth making. Don’t be afraid to taste all the different styles until you find one you like. Lots of people who don’t like soy milk turn out to love almond milk, so make sure you don’t get put off if you don’t like the first style or brand you try.

Flavoured Yoghurt for Plain Yoghurt

If you can’t quit the dairy completely, at least try to avoid the high sugar varieties of yoghurt. Most of the fruit and flavoured yoghurts are so high in sugar you might as well be eating Ice Cream. Swap for a natural yoghurt and don’t worry about full fat or low fat. Often the lower fat has more sugar which is just not a good trade off.

Chocolate for Dark Chocolate (80% or more)

If you don’t like the taste of dark chocolate then you’re out of luck here. Any chocolate with less than about 80% cacao is just not worth buying. We all enjoy chocolate sometimes, just start making an effort to enjoy the darker styles.

Soft Drink for Sparkling Water

Whatever happens don’t leave the supermarket with soft drinks. It’s not something you want to be storing at home. If you need to make this bad choice, do it another time. Instead get some sparkling water preferably in glass bottles. Or better yet invest in a soda stream. All those plastic bottles are choking the environment.

Butter for Avocado

When you’re getting butter or margarine for your sandwiches or toast, why not get some avocado instead? Spread a small amount to get that normal texture you would expect from butter. Or slice up a bit more and make a really gourmet sandwich.

Remember to ask yourself next time you shop, “what can I swap?”

Do you have any other swap favourites that you would like to share? Add them in the comments below.

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