5 Surprising Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

If you’ve heard of plant-based whole-foods then you probably already know some of the incredible benefits.

Perhaps the most appealing is the ability to lose weight and keep it off. It is for this reason alone that people worldwide are picking up a plant-based diet and experiencing its incredible effects on their overall health and weight.

Plus there are dozens if not hundreds of other benefits of eating a plant-based diet. It’s widely known to prevent and even cure some of the most troublesome chronic diseases. And don’t forget the positive effect you can have on animal welfare when you eliminate or reduce meat consumption.

But alongside these more obvious benefits there are also some very surprising and unusual effects of switching to a plant-rich diet. Here are five benefits you probably didn’t know about.

Reduces Bad Body Odour

Red meats and processed foods are shown to make your body odour smell much worse. When these foods go through the gut they release toxins into the blood stream which is eventually secreted through the skin.

Of course it’s natural to perspire and have some body odour, but a plant-based diet can make the smell a lot less disgusting.

Can Reduce Risk Of Broken Bones

Contrary to what the dairy industry is always telling us, calcium from animal sources actually has a negative effect on our bones.

Countries with the highest consumption of cow milk also have the worst rates of Osteoporosis, which increases the chances of breaking a bone.

So for strong bones try and get your calcium from plant sources like nuts and beans. Even broccoli has loads of calcium.

Boosts Your Mood

Many trials have shown that eating a plant-based diet can have a huge positive effect on your mood and mentality.

In one study in corporate environments it was found that workers eating a plant-based diet had higher productivity and lower depression and anxiety.

Simply by eating the right foods you can improve your state of mind and mental health.

Improves Your Skin

A plant-based diet introduces more water and nutrients into your body and in turn reduces inflammation.

All of these factors combine to improve the health of your skin. Eating more plant-based foods has even been shown to improve skin conditions like acne.

So if you want healthy, soft and glowing skin, then a plant-based lifestyle is the right choice.

And It Even Saves You Money

The biggest myth about a healthy plant-based diet is that it costs a lot of money. In fact eating this way can be cheaper in the short-term and is always better in the long-run.

Seasonal vegetables and other produce like pulses and legumes are incredibly affordable and filling. Far more so than most meats.

Plus the preventative and healing effects of healthy eating can save thousands when it comes to medications and treatments.

Either way your health is an investment not an expense, so it’s always money well spent.

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